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Supply Chain Management


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Supply chain management is much more than getting the right product at the right time to the right location. Supply chain management is all about managing the entire value chain for the competitive advantage of the firm. While it is essential to serve the customer with the product of choice at the location of choice, it is key to fulfill her demand in a way that is profitable for the firm in consideration. Sustainable profitability should therefore be a fundamental prerequisite when designing, producing, delivering and selling products and services. Supply chain management is a key tool to ensure this profitability.

Ever since emerging as discipline in the 1980s, supply chain management has embraced approaches and methodologies that can be leveraged to minimize cost in the value chain. Complex mathematical models have been developed to optimize facility locations, queuing systems or order quantities. However, these models apply in certain situations given certain assumptions. In real-life settings additional challenges must be considered and models must be customized to reality. In order to do so, the supply chain manager must have access to simple and efficient set of tools.

The course will cover various key supply chain management topics from a modeling point of view to provide these tools. Topics that will be covered include among others: inventory management, risk pooling, network planning, supply contracts, supply chain integration, procurement and outsourcing strategies. The course consists of three parts, a lecture based part and a discussion session based part. In the lecture based part of the course, we cover selected topics from a business context and introduce concepts and approaches. In the discussion sessions, we discuss typical applications, leverage tools to model these situations and describe ways to achieve simple and efficient solutions. In the third part we have a practical case study presented by NORMA GROUP."